To provide our customers and clients with exceptional products and services to enrich their lives while providing a positive impact in our communities and the world.



To be the e-commerce industry leader providing quality merchandise and services for our customers and to make a difference for our communities and all peoples of the world.



Community and the World

We are a part of the community and the world and vice versa.  We cannot function without the community and believe in giving back.  In fact, a portion of the sale is donated to the customer’s charity of choice per transaction (from our list):

Make a Wish, Catalyst Church – Woodland, Toys for Tots, Convoy of Hope, St. Jude Medical Centers, Compassion International, Woodland Christian School Preschool:  New Location Fund, Lighthouse Christian Community Church located in the Philippines, and Naga Bethel Temple located in the Philippines.  



We have been entrusted with resources and take this very seriously as stewards.  We do our best to utilize the resources most economically and efficiently as possible.  Our goals are to be carbon neutral and lessen wastes.



We believe in using technology but also understand non-technology is the best method in certain areas.



We do not share your information to anyone ever, except when donating to charity.  When you state the charity, we will let them know your name and contact information for only the purpose of giving you a thank you message.  When no charity is stated, we choose the charity and only mention your name.  You can opt out of this no information will be provided to outside organizations per your request.  More information in the Terms and Conditions section.



We use secure systems and follow proper security protocols to ensure your information and identity remain safe.  This cannot be guaranteed but we do everything in our power.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is very important and is deeply connected to the creator.  It is broken down into 3 categories.  Patents are for unique and innovate products.  Copyrights are for images, art, etc. that is created and is owned by the creator unless sold to another individual or entity.  Trademarks are marks, symbols, or words that are recognizable or a symbol of the individual or company that they represent.  We value intellectual property and strive to protect it.  We vet merchandise carefully to ensure it is authentic.  If there is any question, contact us and we will put the affected merchandise on our website on sale on hold until it is proven to be valid after an investigation.  We do not violate copyrights of others.  Also, we honor the copyright of others and value our own copyright.  When submitted pictures, art, etc to us to create something for you, we require a document stating that either you are the creator, purchased the copyright, or have authorization to use the copyrighted material.  If we have a question about this, we will require documentation to prove that it does not violate copyright.  The custom creations that we create (even using your material) becomes copyrighted to EM & Beyond and we will protect these rights.  More information in the Terms and Conditions section.



Ed:  Ed is the primary face of the company and will oversee all operations and all aspects of the company.  He has over 10 years of retail experience, over 13 years of technology experience, over 10 years of photography and design education and experience, over 10 years of company leadership (including his own wedding photography business), and education and experience with analytics.  Ed is not afraid to challenge the status quo and do things differently.


Maria:  Maria researches products to sell, provides feedback for product listings, make strategic business decisions, and perform all aspects of the financials of the company.


Eugene:  Eugene is our primary logistics specialist as well as a product influencer and tester. He is involved in sourcing products and assisting with all aspects of the business that he is able and willing to.


Mariah:  Mariah is a product influencer and tester as well as our secondary logistics specialist.  She is involved in sourcing products and assisting with all aspects of the business that she is able and willing to.



Please see the Terms and Conditions (CLICK HERE) section for more detailed information.



The best way to communicate with us is by email.  We are also available by phone during normal business hours.


EMAIL:  [email protected]


PHONE:  (707) 316-9465